Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Once again littleroller released a new monster to add into the game! He is popping these things out fast which is awesome. The new monster is called Draelzeal a green dragon sort of monster a bit better quality than his last ones (no offense). You can find it HERE. Also his game came out which you can find there too but here are some photos. The other photo is what your battlefield should look like.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Save Japan

If you have not heard of the devastating tragedy in japan lately then go look it up. Many papertoy artists are submitting work and are accepting donations to help the cause. You can find more on Nice Paper Toys such as work by shin and more. HELP THE CAUSE!!!

Weekend Off

sorry for not posting during the weekend I was quite busy and could not post!

Angry Bird Papertoys

First there was an app. Second stuffed animals. And now PAPERTOYS!!!
One of the most famous apps has papertoys now and they look awesome. With nice colors the right size and really easy building these papertoys are nice. The author does not have a website but you can find these and more on NicePaperToys.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Ever heard of PAPER TOY ADVENTURES? Yes or No his designs of character ranging from characters like Snake to characters like Ben 10. Anyways his newest work came out today of Ezio from Assassin's Creed. His website where he posts tips paper toys and more is HERE. Go build one for yourself and you might end up hooked on his work.

Walruz the well... Walrus

New paper toy released today having not only creative shape but also has a design that can be made into many different styles. You can download his art HERE.


After making his previous group of small robots he now came out with monsters and buildings that go good with his previous work of small robots. It seems the monster can have 2 different forms a dragon and a bird like creature which seems pretty creative while at least giving options. You can download them and view his other work HERE.
Also his new game was released which involves the monsters and robots combining them together in a turn based game.